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Here are some important considerations to make when hiring NetSuite implementation experts. What's the job description? what is the amount it will cost and how many years of experience do you need? These questions will help you decide the best candidate for your company. Read on to learn more.

Job description

A NetSuite implementation consultant works with an internal team to implement a business software solution. This person has extensive experience and training in the field. Their job description covers various responsibilities. It requires them to possess excellent financial and problem-solving abilities. These consultants should be able and willing to work with employees and clients at all levels. The ideal candidate will be flexible and have four or more years of experience in mid-market ERP systems.

A NetSuite implementation consultant must have an in-depth understanding of global enterprise solutions including industry best practices and technology designs. They should also be able to connect with clients and ensure the solution they choose is suitable for their requirements. The implementation consultant must also be able to solve technical issues and instruct clients on the best practices.

A NetSuite implementation consultant must possess great communication skills and the experience of managing ERP projects. These projects can be extremely complex and time-consuming. They must be able to maintain their calm and manage difficult situations without losing their cool. A consultant must be competent in building trust with clients through maintaining solid relationships.

NetSuite consultants also provide continuous support and training to customers. They work with customers to implement the latest technologies while providing advice and custom solutions for business issues. They should also be able evaluate the processes of the company and identify areas where they can be improved by the use of new technologies.

A NetSuite implementation consultant should have at minimum five years of experience in an IT or business environment. This will provide valuable experience in the area of NetSuite implementation. The consultant should be familiar with NetSuite modules as well as their security settings and sharing rules. The consultants should also have some experience with custom fields.

The median salary for a NetSuite implementation specialist in the United States is $78,580 per year, but this number could fluctuate. The highest-paid consultants earn as much as $138,000 annually. The salary of a NetSuite implementation specialist is based on the experience, location, as well as the employer.


If you have an education in the field of business, you can get a job as a NetSuite implementation consultant. This job requires a thorough understanding of NetSuite , as well as excellent communication skills. It is also necessary to be familiarized with ERP systems. This job is not for those with little or no knowledge of IT or ERP systems.

You should look into the background, experience, availability, and availability of your potential implementation consultant. While many consultants are able to implement other ERP systems, it is essential to make sure they have previous experience working with NetSuite ERP systems. It is also beneficial to search for specialized knowledge specific to your industry, as there are many companies who specialize in a particular industry.

The pay for NetSuite implementation consultants varies greatly depending on the location. A consultant in Atkinson, NE will earn more than a consultant in New Haven, CT, for instance. It is important to consider the cost of living when considering salary and location.

A NetSuite consultant for implementation can earn as much as $149,500 in a year, however the majority earn between $75k and $138k per year. The highest-paid consultants earn more than $138k per year. The salary of NetSuite implementation consultants depends on the experience level as well as the location and the level of skill of the individual.

Candidates must have at the very least one year of experience working with NetSuite users before becoming certified NetSuite consultant. A qualified candidate should also have strong technical knowledge and experience with change management. They should also have excellent communication abilities and be able to work with senior management.

NetSuite consultants must have experience with global enterprise solutions, including ERP systems and business processes. They must be able communicate effectively with clients as well as technical developers, and they must be able oversee projects from conception to completion. They should also be able discern business needs and come up with innovative solutions.

The pay of NetSuite implementation consultants is a wide range in relation to the degree of complexity of the implementation. The hourly pay of an implementation consultant can range from $150 to $225. However, larger companies will be able to charge more for their services.

Experience required

You should have some prior experience in the field before you can begin an NetSuite installation. The most skilled consultants have vast knowledge of NetSuite and have worked working with NetSuite. There are two kinds of implementation consultants either functional or technical. A functional consultant helps clients customize the software and a technical consultant evaluates existing processes and systems and offers suggestions for improving them. NetSuite implementation is best suited for functional consultants.

Experienced NetSuite consultants for implementation should have excellent communication skills and be able to communicate with multiple stakeholders. They should be organized and proficient at multitasking. The ideal candidate should have at least four years experience in ERP software management and be capable of managing multiple teams.

To ensure the success of the implementation of NetSuite, it is important to find a company that invests heavily in its personnel and processes. netsuite implementation consultants is one example of a company that seeks out talent in this field. It also has an exclusive procedure that helps NetSuite implementation consultants gain relevant knowledge in the field.

It is vital to be certified. The most successful consultants have at least one year of experience in NetSuite support. They should also be proficient in documenting workflow and change management. They should also be able effectively communicate with management. A skilled NetSuite consultant should have at least ten years' experience. On the other one hand, a specialist should have two to three years of experience in large-scale NetSuite implementations.

For NetSuite implementation consultants it is essential to have extensive experience in the implementation of enterprise solutions globally. They should be able communicate with technical experts and clients. They should be able to manage clients and teams. A thorough understanding of ERP is crucial to a successful implementation.

When selecting the right NetSuite partner, you must also consider their experience and availability. Alongside a background in business, having relevant experience in implementation is crucial because the partner will be part of your team. The implementation is not successful if there's friction between team members and the external resource.


A NetSuite implementation cannot be complete without post-implementation help. It is important to find an expert to help you after the go-live date. However it should not be too costly. There may be additional modifications or configuration changes after the implementation. It may also be necessary to schedule additional training sessions for users. This type of support is usually not included in the NetSuite installation fee.

The cost of a NetSuite implementation consultant is different, depending on the type of work that needs to be done. For a single firm, the costs can be as low as $2,500 , or as high as $47,000. Because they are focused on the client's needs, smaller companies tend to charge less. Hourly rates for NetSuite implementation consultants range from $150 to $250 per hour. Larger firms could charge twice this amount.

If the business you're considering hiring has NetSuite Certified professionals, that is even better. These consultants have greater success rates and higher return on investment from clients. Certified NetSuite professionals have more experience than other consultants and are more likely to be able to help your company. Find companies that invest in their staff and processes to locate the best NetSuite consultants. GURUS Solutions, for example invests in its staff and has an exclusive process to find the best talent in the business.

It is important to consider the experience and experience of NetSuite implementation consultants before hiring one. They have backgrounds that range from software development to IT consulting. Others have a particular specialization in NetSuite and have added their services to complement their existing services. This could create a conflict of interests.

There are two kinds of NetSuite implementation consultants: technical and functional. The former helps your company modify NetSuite and assists in integrating it into its business processes. The latter assists in optimizing NetSuite and suggests software improvements. They provide support that is crucial to NetSuite implementation success.