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MGM Resorts announced plans last December to sell operations of The Mirage for nearly $1.1 billion to Hard Rock International, owned by the Seminole Tribe of Florida.
The new operator plans to replace it with a huge guitar-shaped hotel. The sale is pending regulatory approval.

"We are certainly willing to use capital for M&A if it's something that strategically fits with what we are trying to do. And there seem to be a lot of things around right now presenting themselves as possibilities," said Baker.

Police believe one person was shot with a further two injured on the eighth floor of the hotel according to Several people posted on social media saying the resort had been placed into lockdown and dozens of police officers had swooped on the scene. 

In one clip posted online, police and When you loved this information and you would like to receive more info about 2021 Australian Online Casino kindly visit our internet site. security personnel could be seen walking hurriedly through the gaming area of the hotel while guests could still be seen sitting at the slot machines, seemingly unaware of what was unfolding around them. 

A department statement said detectives located and apprehended Hemsley in a southeast Las Vegas neighborhood and he was booked into the Clark County Detention Center on suspicion of murder and attempted murder.

In an interview with the , Joe Russo said: 'He's fantastic. I mean, he has more charisma in his pinky than most people do in their entire body. So you know, we'd watch him do anything - I mean we'd watch him read the phonebook!'

There is a seemingly endless number of streaming services, from Netflix and Amazon Prime to HBO Max and Disney Plus. And while it's more convenient than ever to watch movies, it's also become weirdly complicated. Which service is streaming which movie? Also, did we just trade our expensive TV plan for a dozen subscriptions? It can be a headache.

The Bridgerton star was tipped as a possible replacement for Daniel Craig as 007 and the Russos - who directed the star on spy flick The Gray Man - think he has the charisma to take on the legendary role following his portrayal of the suave CIA boss Denny Carmichael in the Netflix movie.

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is home to all things public domain, including thousands of feature-length movies. Perhaps unsurprisingly, there's no cost to use the service, nor do you need an account (though you can create one if you want to mark favorites and such).


Walmart's Vudu video service has been consistently expanding its ad-supported section, which lets you choose from a generous selection of Hollywood movies (mostly older titles, alas) to watch at no charge. To watch free movies online, you'll need a Vudu account, but it's free to set one up.


This streaming service, formerly known as FreeDrive, is part of IMDb, the Internet Movie Database, which is owned by Amazon. In other words, IMDb TV is Amazon's way of offering ad-supported movie streaming independent of Amazon Prime. And IMDb TV isn't limited to movies; there are TV episodes available as well. Unfortunately, there's a viewing limitation: The IMDb TV service can be accessed only on PCs and within Prime Video and IMDb apps. 

The 34-year-old actor said: 'Ah, the B word. I think if you are British and do anything of note, that other people take notice of, then people will start talking about that. That's fairly normal and I'm flattered to be in the category of Brits that people have noticed.'


Got a library card? Check to see if your library has partnered with Hoopla. This digital-media service allows you to check out all kinds of stuff -- including movies. When you "borrow" one, you have 72 hours in which to watch it. Your library determines the total number of movies you can borrow each month.

Pluto TV

Pluto began life as a live streaming service that offered multiple "channels" of content -- including a large selection of CNET video. It has since been , which previously owned CNET. Although it seems to be expanding more into the live TV space, with a growing number of news and sports channels, it's also home to plenty of on-demand free movies.

"Public domain" is code for "old" or "mostly black-and-white," making this the place for folks interested strictly in classic movies. Thus you'll find the likes of His Girl Friday, Plan 9 from Outer Space and Gulliver's Travels. The archive exists only on the web, though, so you'll need a browser to access it. (Most mobile browsers should work.)

The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel isn't exclusively a free movie provider, but also an aggregator of new and existing no-cost content. Thus, don't be surprised if there's some overlap with some of the free movies available on other services. You'll find movies from Roku partners such as Lionsgate, MGM, Sony and Warner, along with free content from existing Roku channels such as FilmRise, Popcornflix and Vidmark.