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Novel - MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master - MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

Chapter 113 - Auction (4) road chunky

Rudra was extremely pleased with themselves , and Karna was trembling his go .... ' he's a teenage child , the market leaders mental grow older is not really a lot more than 13 '.

The fairy auctioneer proceeded to convey

The fairy auctioneer went on to state

Karna sighed at this scene , he did not recognize Rudra's steps whatsoever , shopping for ingredients whose identify he had never been told , for any buyout rates , it turned out not most suitable as part of his view. Even so time and again Rudra has proved that his steps generally have a further significance, as a result he trustworthy the best choice and stored mum.

A solid originated VIP1

45,000 gold bullion.

100,000 proceeding after.

The things held arriving , as increasing numbers of dishes were actually out for auctions .

Rudra was very pleased with him self , and Karna was trembling his top of your head .... ' he's a teenage youngster , the leaders intellectual age group is just not a lot more than 13 '.

The bidding begun enthusiastically for the product.

45,000 gold bullion.


They had no decision but to safely move on. The atmosphere had worsened nevertheless , everyone in the place was actually a tiny irritated.

70,000 going thrice , best wishes to VIP2 for any merchandise.

Minimal increment - 500 golden.

Minimal increment - 500 gold.

45,000 golden.

100,000 proceeding a second time...

100,000 really going a second time...

The second rate guild noticed lose heart , it did not have greater than 70,000 liquid cash full , really should he use more than 60,000 on a single thing. It becomes harmful to the guild.

It looked like another amount guild would win the putting in a bid conflict as not any other offers ended up simply being listened to , when finally the very first time VIP2 put a quote.

The 2nd level guilds have been silenced now , 100,000 was about their restriction for any solo piece .

The Prince's Pregnant Bride

Minimal increment - 500 rare metal.


Simmilarly product 3 decided to go for 50K to your thirdly level guild.

Only once product 7 arrived , have Rudra's attraction pique.

Rudra was very pleased with him self , and Karna was trembling his mind .... ' he's a teenage young child , the managers mental grow older is absolutely not greater than 13 '.

The potion tested recipes 8 , 9 ,10 ended up practically useless as the industry aldready experienced those moving , for this reason once the extreme bidding for product 7 , they journeyed to the affordable prices of 30 K , 35K and 37 K .

70,000 going two times ....

Simmilarly object 3 gone for 50K to a thirdly fee guild.


Merchandise 4,5,6 were obtained by other 2 nd rate guilds inside the town of 40-55 K

Results : adjustments the face and the body sort to suit the appearance of the goal.

Buyout : 150,000 golden

But nonetheless he wished for these people to actually feel they are earning the bid , untill he crushed their expectations in the very last instant .